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Two-room apartment for 3 to 6 guests

Practicality and organization with two-room apartments for 3 to 6 guests.

TWO-ROOM apartment for 3 to 6 guests

TWO-ROOM APARTMENT: comfort and organization

If you are looking for comfort, if you like having your bedroom and kitchen in separate rooms, then the best solution is a two-room apartment.

The two-room apartment is an apartment made up of 2 rooms: a bedroom and a kitchen, obviously with a private bathroom. This solution allows you to cook, chat, watch TV or listen to music without disturbing those who want to enjoy a nap, stay in bed late or go to sleep early.

As with the studio apartment, the main bed is always a double bed (double or twin).
In the 3 to 6 guests apartments there may be additional single beds, bunk beds or double sofa beds. The additional beds are always in the bedroom with one exception: in the 6-seater two-room apartment, a double sofa bed is available in the kitchen.

Struttura appartamento bilocale - Residence Welcome Rimini
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The photos below are recent and real photos of our apartments. The assigned apartment may not be shown in the photo, but this does not mean it will have a lower quality and finish than those shown.
Vacanza in appartamento al mare a Rimini: Scegli il Residence Welcome, Residence per famiglieVacanza in appartamento al mare a Rimini: Scegli il Residence Welcome, Residence per famiglie


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